Technical Glossary



Active Suspension Harness Elasticated hipbelt and harness which enable the pack to move effectively with the body
AirScape™ Type of back panel made from mesh covered foam. Designed to keep the pack stable and close to the body
AirSpeed™ Type of back panel which suspends the pack away from the body using tensioned mesh, to allow significant airflow
Anti-Gravity™ Type of back system which incorporates a sprung-lumbar section which conforms to the body, allowing excellent load carry


Back Panel The part of the pack which sits along the length of your back
Back System The of all of the parts of the pack which hold it onto the body, including the back panel, harness and hipbelt
BioForm™ A heavy-duty custom-mouldable padding for comfort and support of large loads
BioStretch™ A stretchy mesh and foam combination which enables your pack to move with your body
Blaster Bite Valve Drinking valve on our Hydraulics packs which provides easy access to fast flowing water


Compression Straps Webbing straps which can be tightened to prevent the pack’s load from shifting
Contact Mesh A soft, comfortable, highly breathable mesh which feels good against the skin


Daisychain Webbing loops through which things can be attached to your pack
Die-Cut EVA foam A type of soft foam which has had ventilation holes cut into it


ErgoGrip™ An ergonomically shaped handle designed for grip and comfort
Ergo Pull Hipbelts which tighten from the outside inwards, which is a more natual movement than pulling from the inside outwards
ExoForm™ An innovative foam padding with high levels of ventilation and comfort


Fit-on-the-Fly™ Padded hipbelt sections which can be extended and positioned to provide maximum comfort
FlapJacket™ A protective cover for the top of your pack when it’s being used without a lid
Floating Lid A lid which is held on with webbing sections, allowing it to be lifted to fit extra gear underneath
Frame An internal support which runs around the outside of the backsystem, providing rigidity and helping carry the load
Front Panel Access Access into the main compartment through a zip on the front or side of the pack


Harness The part of the pack which goes over the shoulders and around the body, holding the backpanel close to your back
Haul Loops Reinforced loops on the pack through which ropes or karabiners can be attached, allowing you to pull the pack up behind you during mountaineering or climbing trips
Helmet Carry A mesh net or similar method of attaching a climbing or snowsports helmet onto the top or front of the pack
HighRoad™ Chassis Osprey’s ultra-durable and light-weight frame, used on many of our wheeled luggage packs
HighRoad LT™ Chassis A similar construction to the standard High-Road chassis, but lighter
Hipbelt Straps on the pack which wrap around the wearer’s hips to support and stabilise the pack
Hydration Compatible This means the pack features a sleeve and hanger for our Hydraulics™ reservoirs and an exit hole for the hose
Hydraulics™ Tough, stiffened water carrying reservoirs, allowing easy hydration on the go
Hydraulics™ LT Lightweight water carrying reservoirs, allowing easy hydration on the go


InsideOut™ Compression Compression straps which can be routed inside or outside of an external pocket depending on preference
IsoForm™ Heat-Moldable foam which adapts to the individual shape of your body, for added comfort and support


J Zip A zip shaped like the letter J, allowing access into the front of the pack


Kangaroo Style Daypack Attachment A carrying option where the small daypack can be attached to the front of the harness for security or ease of access
Kickstand A shaped frame technology, allowing the pack to stand up unsupported, allowing easy access


Lashing Loops Loops with which the pack can be tied to something, or items can be attached onto the pack
LidLock™ A device used to securely attach bike helmets onto the front of a pack, leaving your hands free
Load Bars Adjustable foam covered plastic bars which help transfer the weight from the shoulders into the pack’s frame
Load lifters Webbing strips which help transfer the weight from the shoulders into the pack’s frame
Lumbar Pad A foam pad situated in the lower back which adds comfort


PackSizer™ Osprey’s mobile app, aimed at providing the best fitting pack possible
PowerMesh™ A highly elasticated mesh, capable of stretching to twice it’s original size


Quick-Connect A device which allows a Hydraulics hose to split without leaking, enabling faster and easier refilling
QuickLock™ An easy to use method of keeping Osprey wallets securely closed


Removable Aluminium Stay A removable shaped aluminium board, designed to help stiffen the backpanel of some packs
Reverse-Wrap Hipbelt The ability to store the hipbelt out of the way by wrapping it around the front of the pack


Shove-it Pocket A front pocket which can be used to quickly store jackets or other items
Sleeping Pad Straps Straps on the bottom of the pack, designed to hold a sleeping mat
Slide-Seal™ Sliding watertight seal used to close Hydraulics reservoirs
Splitter™ Hipbelt Hipbelt technology which allows the padding to be stowed while retaining stability from the webbing. Perfect for use with a harness
SR Buckle Side-Release buckle which are easy to attach and detach
Sternum Strap The strap on the harness which runs across the chest, designed to keep the harness in the correct place
Sternum Strap Magnet A magnet set onto the sternum strap which allows easy access to Hydraulics bite valves
Stow-On-The-Go™ Loops on the pack’s harness and body which allow walking poles to be stowed without removing the pack
StraightJacket™ Compression An innovative webbing and buckle combination which allows extra compression of a mostly empty pack


Tool Lock Small bars which pass through the heads of ice axes, holding them securely onto Osprey climbing packs
ToolWrap™ A small roll designed for easy access to bike tools and spares


Yoke The connection point between the two straps on the harness, which helps balance the packs