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Josie Haugh

Country of residence: UK
Adventure: The length of America (in a van!)
Dates: Oct 2017-Sep 2018

My boyfriend and I have always known we’d like to see the world, now this is a reality. Our idea was to travel from the top of America to the bottom by land. This mad idea suddenly took hold and before we knew it we had a vehicle to carry us the 30,000 miles. We’re now preparing to travel around Southern Hemisphere countries before we ship our trusty van out to Canada for the epic American journey.

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Currently Travelling

  • 25th October 2017 – Josie Haugh (and her partner) depart from Heathrow UK to travel to Bangkok, Thailand. They are the sole participants of the yearlong #TeamTransporterBlack adventure
  • 30th October 2017 – Josie explored the sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok and Autthaya
  • 5th November 2017 – Josie attended Loy Kathron, or Festival of Light, in Chaing Mai
  • 14th November 2017 – Josie beach camped on MuKoh Surin Islands and explored the local marine life
  • 22nd November 2017 – Josie crossed the border and travelled to George Town, Malaysia
  • 28th November 2017 – Josie explored Kuala Lumpur
  • 1st December 2017 – Josie landed in New Zealand to begin the next part of their #AdventureProof journey
  • 8th December 2017 – Josie trekked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  • 21st December 2017 – Josie climbs Mt. Avalanche in Arthur’s Pass
  • 3rd January 2018 – Josie explored the Rob Roy Glacier and Lake Wanaka
  • 14th January 2018 – Josie trekked the Routeburn Track for 3 days
  • 25th January 2018 – Josie arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • 30th January 2018 – Josie travelled through the Dak Lak Province by motorbike
  • 5th February 2018 – Josie meandered through Hue Imperial Citadel
  • 13th February 2018 – Josie rented climbing gear and travelled to Sleeping Rock in Vang Vieng
  • 17th February 2018 – Josie travelled with locals down the Mekong river and was lucky enough to spot Irrawaddy dolphins
  • 5th March 2018 – Josie finishes her South East Asian trip in Angkor Wat, exploring the ancient temple ruins
  • 8th March 2018 – Josie travelled back to the UK for a brief rest before continuing their trip
  • 19th April 2018 – Josie and her partner put the finishing touches on the van that will carry them across Canada for their epic road trip
  • 8th May 2018 – Josie and her partner arrived in Nova Scotia, Canada and await the arrival of their trusty van from the UK
  • 20th May 2018 – Josie began her epic road trip across Canada
  • 31st May 2018 – Discovering the old town of Quebec
  • 7th June 2018 – Arrival at Niagara Falls and the start of a very entertaining bike tour of the lakes wineries
  • 16th June 2018 – Soaking up the atmosphere at their first American football game
  • 18th June 2018 – Exploring the Dinosaur Provincial Park avoiding the Rattlesnakes, Black Widows and Scorpions
  • 20th June 2018 – First hike in the Rockies, reaching their highest summit to date – Mt. Yamnuska (2240m)
  • 1st July 2018 – Hiking around Kananaskis lakes at the east end of Rundle mountain
  • 5th July 2018 – Driving the spectacular Icefield parkway drive and stopping for some fishing
  • 17th July 2018 – Josie and Jord enjoy the views that Pemberton has to offer after facing problems with their Camper
  • 19th July 2018 – Their Camper may have broken down but nothing stops this pair from enjoying the sights of Pemberton and attending a climbing festival in Squamish
  • 13th August 2018 – Took their van on its first trip since being repaired to discover more of the hidden beauties that Whistler has to offer
  • 5th September 2018 – Spent a few weeks keeping themselves busy finding work in event tents that proved to be very fulfilling
  • 9th September 2018 – Team Black officially cross Canada and make it to the Pacific coast




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