AdventureProof Final Roundup




The Journey has Come to an End!

From hundreds of exciting pitches submitted by the Osprey community, 9 individuals were selected to be part of the AdventureProof expedition.

Over the past 12 months our adventurers, alongside three of our athletes Jerome ClementzGabriella Edebo and Jo Bradshaw, have been split into 4 teams. Each team was equipped with a rugged Transporter 95 duffel to accompany them on their journeys.

Their objective? To travel the world and put the AdventureProof Transporter duffel to the test.


Sophie Neary
Felix von Aulock
Emma Smith
Emma Tryon


Clare Connelly
Michael Zimmerman
Timothée Furet
Giovanni Franco


 Jérôme Clementz
Gabi Edebo
Jo Bradshaw

AdventureProof Final Roundup Statistics

#TeamTransporterRed – Final Roundup

“My Osprey Transporter duffel was put through its paces on both treks and came back with barely a scratch.”


– Sophie Neary, #TeamTransporterRed


Sophie Neary

Sophie climbed her way through the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. As well as tackling 5 x 5,000m altitude peaks, Sophie also trekked her way to Everest base camp braving bitterly cold temperatures and reduced oxygen along the way.

Felix - Team Red

Felix Von Aulock

Felix trekked his way through Mexico and Guatemala on the hunt for volcanic eruptions. The Volcanologist, usually lab bound for his research, seized the opportunity to do some vital field research. Throughout his journey, Felix utilised UV sensor equipment to measure the content of gaseous emissions.


Emma Smith

Emma completed her Indonesian adventure in July. Admiring the distinctive architecture of Singapore, before dodging cheeky jungle monkeys in Bali, Emma then travelled to the very location that inspired her to take this trip; a stunning mountainous vista in Java.

Emma - Team Red

Emma Tryon

Emma completed her journey not only with her partner but also her infant son! The family hitch-hiked their way across Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, trekking into the Kazak Mountains and sleeping in traditional yurts.

#TeamTransporterBlue – Final Roundup

Clare Connelly

Expedition doctor Clare travelled from peaks to coast and back again. She began her journey by summiting Kilimanjaro and then proceeded to trek the Nepalese Annapurna Circuit before finishing on the historic Giant’s Causeway of Ireland.

Michael - Team Blue

Michael Zimmerman

Michael completed his South East Asian Adventure. Hopping between waterfalls, sampling the local cuisine and visiting millennia old temples were just some of the adventures he had along the way.


Timothée Furet

Timothée carried the Transporter 95 into the winds of Patagonia. Beginning in Beunoes Aires, Timothée travelled south and began his journey onto the famed El Chalten trail. From there he hiked and wild camped his way between Patagonian trails, stopping to explore cities and towns along the way.

Giovanni - Team Blue

Giovanni Franco

Giovanni undertook a sustainable travel adventure. Using only sustainable travel methods and starting in Milan, Giovanni made his way through Europe and Russia, experiencing tourism through a more ethical lens.

#TeamTransporterLime – Final Roundup

“I can’t recommend this bag highly enough. Simple yet effective with a few great features without over complicating the bag and losing all your stuff in many a pocket. Easy to navigate, well thought out, a nice distinctive bright colour. A total winner for me.”


– Jo Bradshaw, #OspreyAthlete and #TeamTransporterLime

Jerome - Team Lime

Jérôme Clementz

Osprey Athlete Jérôme mountain biked his way through the extreme Mustang region of Nepal before traveling to Robinson Crusoe Island. Here he experienced trails never before travelled by bike.

Gabi - Team Lime

Gabriella Edebo

Osprey Athlete Gabriella carried the Transporter 95 on her skiing adventure. Gabi reported on the Freeride World Tour while finding time to ski slopes along the way.

Jo - Team Lime

Jo Bradshaw

Osprey Athlete Jo led a youth empowerment expedition to Bolivia. The all-girl team, led by Jo, trekked and wild camped the historic El Choro Inca Trail after performing community work in San Antonio. Jo’s trip culminated with the salt flats of Uyuni and the mines of Potosi.

#TeamTransporterBlack – Final Roundup

Josie - Team Black

Josie Haugh

Our 12 month adventurer Josie has spent her journey climbing mountains in New Zealand before converting a van into a home that travels. Josie, her partner and her van have since travelled across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast experiencing glaciers, lake fishing and climbing festivals along the way. Luckily the van only broke down once!


Transporter duffel bags are the perfect marriage of durability and lightweight versatility. Built to be tough yet comfortable to carry and boasting a range of adventure-ready features these rugged companions will handle whatever your throw in or at them.


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