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  • Farpoint 40 Volcanic Grey
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  • Internal compression strap system
  • Low profile padded carry handles on top and side
  • Panel zip access to main compartment with lockable zippers


Built for where wheels won’t go, the Farpoint 40 is our lightest travel backpack that fits within EU carry-on dimensions. Featuring a zip-away spacer mesh ventilated backpanel, the Farpoint can be carried like a backpack but packed like a suitcase. The strong and durable backsystem means you can carry your gear comfortably when travelling between hotels, the airport or beyond.


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  • Caribbean Blue
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Built for where wheels won’t go, the Farpoint 40 is our lightest travel backpack that fits within EU carry-on dimensions. Featuring a zip-away spacer mesh ventilated backpanel, the Farpoint can be carried like a backpack but packed like a suitcase. The strong and durable backsystem means you can carry your gear comfortably when travelling between hotels, the airport or beyond.


All Might Guarantee All Mighty Guarantee included

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  • Panel zip access to main compartment with lockable zippers
  • Low profile padded carry handles on top and side
  • Internal compression strap system
  • Farpoint 40 Caribbean Blue
  • Farpoint 40 Jasper Red
  • Farpoint 40 Volcanic Grey

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  • Panel zip access to main compartment with lockable zippers

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"The best travel bag" (Posted on 18/01/2017)


I used this bag when I visited Greece for 1 week and India for 3 weeks last year. Before this I used the Wayfarer 70 Women's specific which I found WAY to big. The more space you have the more you pack haha. Anyway if you are getting this bag you must buy packing cubes in order to maximise the space as there aren't that many pockets. The green inside contrasts amazingly with the blue of the bag and will look great with the raspberry pink packing cubes I just ordered as the two I had weren't enough for India, the blue also doesn't show the dirt as much as the red bag I had did, it has come back from India looking as good as new! I had many admiring glances from the other people on my tour as my bag was the smallest and sturdiest, not to say the most attractive. Some of the people packed bags that were too big and heavy for them to move, and I was able to move mine easily on my 5ft frame *smirks*. The harness system, as with my other bag, is amazing and holds it tight to your body and distributes the weight. The only annoying thing is I bought this to use as hand luggage and it is too big for international flights *sigh* but at least international flights include free hold luggage. I love Osprey bags so much that bought my boyfriend the Porter 46 so that he can travel with me. This bag will be going with me for a year in Australia, then will be heading to New Zealand. What are you waiting for? Buy buy buy.

"Just amazing" (Posted on 14/01/2017)


I am using this bag for a couple of years now. it has been with me through most of Europe, Thailand and the USA. Infact after our first trip my Girlfriend was disappointed with her backpack and she bought the Farpoint herself. We only travel with carry on wherever we go and this is jsut the perfect size.

"11 months of Abuse Withstood" (Posted on 24/10/2016)


This backpack is amazing. I used it for 11 months backpacking across South America. I was not delicate with this backpack and it has withstood everything I could throw at it. It was my main bag and all of the zips, pockets and straps are still in good condition. I can see where osprey got their great reputation. I would highly recommend this backpack to anyone wanting to travel long-term. It was more than sufficient for my needs and if you need something bigger...your packing too much!

It's ideal for travel as you can unzip the bag all the way. However I wouldn't recommend this bag for long days consecutive trekking because it doesn't have a built in strong frame or hugely supportive middle straps. Having said that a mate of mine did the W trek in Patagonia for 5 days using the 55 litre Farpoint and he was fine.

Couldn't recommend this pack highly enough enjoy!

"Excellent all-rounder. " (Posted on 24/09/2016)

Carlos A. Espinal

I have spent the last summer hiking in the Pyrenees, hopping around the Greek islands and going to business trips. The bag fits each of these travels styles fantastically. The suspension system is the most comfortable I have tried and it held perfectly fine running up and down mountain peaks with lots of gear. It's compactness worked great when flying and and commuting. It was light enough to use it as a day pack for picnics at the beach. After two months of beating the bag up, a rinse in the shower brought it back to perfect condition. Fitting it with extra hooks on the loops provided at the shoulders straps and frame allowed me to carry extra things on the outside - I love hanging my suits from these so they don't wrinkle as I walk. A bag with wheels would have not been adequate for hiking. A hiking backpack will not be the right tool for quick and cheap business travel around Eurrope. This one balances perfectly

"An excellent backpack" (Posted on 27/08/2016)

Alec Henry

I just took this badboy on a 4 week trip to brazil for hiking, general travelling and seeing the olympics. I did the hike for the first 4 days of the trip and this bag was more than adequate and very comfy - despite the trails we were walking being extremely tough. I was carrying tent, sleeping bag, air bed clothes, a bladder and other supplies all inside the bag - note that was the limit of what could be accomodated.
After that - i did more conventional travelling around brazil using airports, coaches, taxis and other public transport and this bag was great. I ended up getting rid of the tent and sleeping bag so that I could carry other things. never had to check the bag and there are loops for a pad lock.
I'm so happy that I bought this bag for the trip - extremely durable and comfy and will be well used for other trips i take - I so prefer this to my wheely bag.

thanks Osprey

"everywhere" (Posted on 13/07/2016)


I use this backpack for two years now and it has been with me on numerous trips all over europe. I love it! My girlfriend got so jealous that i bought her one two and now travelling is pretty easy. We never check in luggage anymore since this pack is simply big enough. I do have the Farpoint 70 for longer travels but I hardly use it... Although the detachable daypack is a great addition, maybe that would be a good idea for the new version of the Farpoint 40, if possible... So if you are looking for a great pack that will help you travel easy... This is the one to pick. Besides getting a little dirty on the trips it still looks like new... very good quality...

"Like an Oversized Daypack" (Posted on 07/07/2016)


I loved this backpack and used it as my main travel pack for a month's travel to Peru. It's really comfortable to carry around and had no problems whatsoever as a carry on luggage. The small size carried around 38L so it was a bit tight especially to close. Make sure you don't buy any large toiletry bags or packing cubes as it will make life more difficult to stuff everything in. But we managed to put in 2 packing cubes, a toiletry bag and other accessories without too much sweat. My wife wished that there were a few more small pockets to put small stuff like passports and keys but otherwise 5/5.

"Watch the dimensions" (Posted on 17/06/2016)


A beautifully made pack, as per all Osprey stuff.

Watch out you don't over pack it though as at full stretch it measures 37cm thick - most airlines only accept thicknesses between 20 - 25cm.

Be warned!

"Disappointing " (Posted on 04/06/2016)

Marie-Louise D

I bought the farpoint 40 after much consideration, reading goodness knows how many reviews, researching many different brands and bags to find The One. A bag suited to my carry-on habit when I fly as well as comfortable enough to wear on more or less long walks on various travels.

First with the good parts, I had heard about how wonderful it was to pack, how much stuff you could fit in it, that was oh so true! I'm working on paring down my "list", so it was actually never full! I fit 4 shirts, shorts, a skirt, a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes, a mirrorless camera along with a 55-210 zoom, an iPad air, a solar charger + chargers for the above, 2 books (1large, 1small) and a rather hefty diary, a raincoat, 2 cardigans (1 medium, 1 warmer and rather voluminous when rolled up), toiletries, a full-size fouta, a water bottle and an 18cm stainless steel food tin and still had room left over. The outer compression straps were great for compressing the pack so that it would feel that bit lighter, weight distribution when properly packed is OK although the pack isn't my size so not being able to fit it properly means that it could have been better. More about that later.

The mesh pockets on the front were handy for putting still humid clothes, I also hung wet clothes from the compression straps which worked really well. The pockets are well though out, one interesting addition might be a small inside pocket inside the top of the main compartment, with a key clip. That would be really awesome. Another welcome change would be to the zipped mesh compartment that lies flat inside the lid of the main compartment. I never put anything in it that needed the full length of the panel in space. Having two separated compartments here instead of one large would be better in my opinion. No matter what I put in it, it always ended up squashed down at the bottom after an hour of waking anyway. And the fact that it was a front loader and not a top loader was a major criteria and the main reason I chose this pack, it didn't disappoint in this regard.

however, I had heard that it was very comfortable to wear.. I disagree...

I've had it for about a month, including a 2 week trip to Brazil where I used it walking around in firstly warm, then chilly São Paolo, warm, humid and sometimes wet Ilha Grande (small island - countryside usage), and hot rio de Janeiro. After two weeks of constant usage, here are my thoughts..

Firstly, at only 15"/38cm, my torso is on the smaller end of the scale. However, osprey's sizing chart says that an S/M farpoint should suit my torso size. I do not feel this is the case. My previous pack was a 60L Easyfit Quechua, which although it was too voluminous, fit my torso perfectly. In comparison, the Farpoint feels large, bulky and awkward. After having heard wonders about Osprey's sizing, this was quite a let down for me. Minus one star.

About comfort, in cooler weather, with at least a thin cardigan or a long sleeve top, the pack is wearable. Any less and it was very uncomfortable to me. In the warmer places, I would spend most of my time in a sleeveless top. Where it came in contact with my skin was very uncomfortable. It was harsh and itchy and left red marks after only the first day of using it. As for the ventilated back panel, as soon as the weather became even mild (17-20 degrees C), it definitely didn't feel ventilated, so imagine 25 degrees C and humid? Impossible. Minus one star.

Seeing as I plan to do a lot more travel in warm (and possibly humid) countries, the osprey Farpoint 40 will not be coming with me. I think this is the end for us, however I hope it won't be the end for Osprey and I.

"world travel backapck" (Posted on 31/05/2016)

Helen BG

if your looking for a carry on, or just a small backpack for traveling the world, this is the bag! I am still wondering if i should have bought the 55L but i just put a day bag inside for when we go out. We have done 3 days hikes and gone aboard with this bag. Ultimately we bought this bag for traveling 1 year around the world. Its yet to disappoint. the only thing i added was an elastic bungee cord to the front as it has little external storage. The what apppear to be water bottle nets are useless as water bottle nets as the compression straps dont go over the middle to keep in place,....but over all 4.5/5 :)

"No inside clip for keys" (Posted on 17/05/2016)


I'm on my second version of this bag, which I generally love. However, I am exceedingly disappointed that the latest model doesn't come with a clip in the small pocket for keeping the housekeeps in an easy to access location. Now I have to dig for them in the bottom of the pocket. :(

"Man, This Bag!" (Posted on 14/03/2016)


I've been using the Farpoint 40 for a few years now and it has really served me well. Most of the travel I do is short-stay and this is the perfect pack for European travel with no checked bags: I bought the Farpoint 40 specifically to meet Ryanair's cabin restrictions and after extensive research found that this is the best bag of its type for Ryanair fliers. I use a few packing cubes to keep things neat and tidy, and have comfortably lived out of this bag for a week or more. The shoulder strap is perfect for hopping between busses, and I take out the backpack straps for longer walks. It hasn't shown any wear whatsoever despite a good bit of use and abuse. The only *only* thing about this bag that isn't perfect is that the flap covering the straps has a velcro panel for tucking it away, and it's difficult to fold the flap so that the velcro panels meet. But because it's tucked in firmly anyway it doesn't matter - I've never had it unravel.

"Excellent travel pack" (Posted on 14/02/2016)


I have the older version of this pack having bought it for a number of years ago. The current version doesn't appear to be any different only cosmetic changes. It's a sturdy well thought out pack. I regularly fly Ryanair and occasionally with Easyjet using carryon luggage only and have never had a problem using this bag. The attention to detail is phenomenal as always with Osprey packs. I have tried various carryon bags in the past and this is definately the best. Well worth the money.

"Lite Travelling" (Posted on 02/01/2016)


Love the space of this backpack. One part for clothes, one for office or travelling stuff. Also the possibility to use a locker for the zipper and: The pipe. The zipper closes and are hidden, so that nobody can open them quickly. The only thing I am wondering: How to hide the protection for the straps in the bottom in a fine way. The zipper doesn't open enough to roll it down. There could be an improvement.

"Love it" (Posted on 01/01/2016)

Deniz Omer

best carryon travel bag I've ever used.

"Osprey Farpoint 40" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


A rather good pack! (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Bra handbagage-ryggsäck" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Allt fungerar bra, tillräckligt med utrymme för en kortare resa där endast handbagage är tillåtet. Farpoint 40 håller måttet och kvalitén. Avtagbara midjeremmar hade varit ett plus då dessa ej används vid shoppingrundor i stan. Ett regnöverdrag hade kunnat medfölja. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Excellent backpack for light , organised backpackers " (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Used the Farpoint 40 backpacking across Java, Bali, Flores and Australia over 3 months. Excellent option for light, organised backpackers. Easily fits airline carry-on requirements. Traveled wide range of international and domestic flights and had no trouble. Excellent internal compression straps to keep everything in place and reduce volume. Well made, durable material - especially the zips. Inside main compartment is a zipped section, ideal for medication or important documents. Laptop compartment could be used as another section to keep important objects safe. Overall, excellent option. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Farpoint 40" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


I have until now used the bag for business flying trips mainly. What I really like about the bag is the big volume that complies with allowed hand luggage sizes. I bought the back to be able to carry as much on my bag as would be allowed, and this is well done with this bag that suit good to me.
The only comment I have is that I tend to put my heavy 17" workstation in the main compartment instead of in the small room that is made for it. The reason is I like to have the heavy weight near my bag and not far away.
But still I am very happy about the bag, and I also really like the room/net inside which I use for shirts to avoid too many wrinkles. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Excellent choice" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Perfect choice for everything! You take just what you really want with you (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"A bag that goes far." (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Travelling light is my top priority when it comes to going to different places and this bag gives provides my needs. It is sturdy, light and all my staff can really be organize properly. I'm happy with my purchase of this backpack. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Eccezionale" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Usato per due settimane in Birmania, passato come bagaglio a mano sia sul volo intercontinentale sia sui low cost interni. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Eccellente!" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Personalmente sono molto, molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Good quality for the price" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Suitable as hand baggage when you do not want to travel with suitcases. Lot of space inside. I think it is even waterproof. (no rain cover needed) Accepted even by Asian airlines with strict dimensions for hand baggage. Would recommend! (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Brilliant " (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Brilliant bag I got mine for a holiday as it is small enough to carry on the plane! For a small bag there is so much room and lots of pockets for everything you need! Easy and comfortable to carry fantastic product I'd recomend it to anyone!! 5/5 (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"That good we're buying another" (Posted on 14/12/2015)

Brad Ehlen

Decided to travel light these days & after a short euro trip we're buying a second one as two will be ample for a week away with a small child.
Good quality & ease of use. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Perfect small backpack and so versatile" (Posted on 14/12/2015)

Amanda & Poppy

Bought two, one for me and one for my 9 year old for a 3 week trip around Italy.
It's versatility is what made it perfect for us. I zipped up the straps for the flight, clipped on the long carry handle occasionally as it's design makes it sit comfortably when walking, but mainly used it in traditional backpack style.
It's size was perfect for my daughter to carry now and again, and when she didn't want to I was able to easily carry two of them!
Best small backpack I've ever bought, I highly recommend! (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"One of the best investments I ever made" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


I bought the backpack for shorter trips (1-2 weeks) where I can take the basics, computer and wouldn t have to check in luggage. First of all: it is really comfortable. Thanks to all the straps you can really personalize it. There is a lot of space inside and also several pockets and compartments. Special straps allow you to prevent your goods from moving around. Ouside you have another compartment for the computer, which I would ve wished were inside, more towards my back due to weight distribution and also as protection, but it resulted to be quite useful on security checks on planes, since you dont have to open the whole backpack to put the computer off.
I am really happy with my Osprey. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"molto valido" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Pratico e funzionale (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Comfortable, practical, spacious & great for travel" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


I love this backpack so far - it is a great alternative to a carry on suitcase.
The backpack is light and highly functional - as well as being very comfortable to wear.

My experience with purchasing directly from Osprey was great too - the product arrived within 48 hours. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Voll einsatzfähig" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Nach meiner anfäglichen Skepsis (ich habe einen Flap Jack Pack (altes Modell), mit dessen Funktionalität ich nicht zufrieden bin) hat mein Farpoint 40 seine erste Bewährungsprobe bestens bestanden - eine 7-tägige Flugreise im mitteleuropäischen Spätsommer/Herbst nur mit Handgepäck.

Das Packvolumen ist phänomenal, und der Rucksack intelligent eingeteilt.
Was mich aber immer wieder am meisten gefreut hat - der Rucksack trägt sich dank des vollständigen Tragegurtesystems leicht und angenehm, auch wenn er voll bepackt ist.

Zudem wirkt die Verarbeitung sehr hochwertig. Ich denke, dass ich noch viele Jahre Freunde mit meinem neuen Reisebegleiter haben werde. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Solid pack, but there's room for improvement" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


First, this is a solidly built pack. I've been traveling for 3 months and there are no signs of wear. No part of it could be called flimsy. I love that it is front loading and zips all the way open flat. The harness system is fantastic, and very comfortable, the feature to zip away the straps is very helpful too.

It has quite a few issues though. The laptop pouch is in the center of the pack, putting my heaviest piece of gear 5-6 inches away from my back which makes for poor weight distribution. Having the laptop pouch in the center also means any bulge or bump in the larger compartment distorts the pouch into a concave shape, which is made worse by the compression straps, not good. I'm always nervous that by pulling those straps tight, I'm putting extra bending pressure on my laptop. This configuration really makes the entire front pocket mostly useless, unless your main compartment is empty. The lower compression straps go right over the front mesh pockets, so you can forget about keeping a water bottle in there. The "top stash pocket" can't hold anything at all when the larger compartment is full because there's no room to tuck it into the front pocket.

Lastly, and to me most importantly, when fully packed (but not straining) this bag does NOT comply with Ryanair cabin luggage requirements. Even with my laptop out so I wasn't worried about the compression straps it is just not small enough to fit inside their sizing boxes... AND I have the S/M frame size.

My suggestion would be to get rid of the front compartment entirely, make one large open compartment like suitcases have. Keep the "top stash pocket" since it could now dangle into the large compartment. Move the mesh bottle pockets to the sides, on the outside of the compression straps. Move the laptop pouch up against the wearer's back with a lockable side access zipper.

I would love to give this pack 4 stars, its a well built pack with a few great features. But it just doesn't live up to the claims it makes and needs some reconfiguration. (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Almost, perfect, but not quite...!" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


I'm an avid traveller, and like to do it light! Hopping onto buses and boats, and being able to travel without checked luggage is high priority for me, which is why I bought the farpoint. Since purchasing it I have travelled to many different countries from a long weekend to five weeks, and the overall size and capacity of Farpoint 40 as always been spot on. I have never had the need to check it as it's always satisfied the hand luggage requirements of every airline I've travelled with, although it is important to check the depth - as for some airlines - Ryanair and several in Asia they limit that to 20cm, which means you need a well packed flat bag, and the compression straps really help with that! Farpoint is also incredibly comfortable to carry, when I've been stranded without a bus I'll happily walk relatively long distances with this bag fully packed, as it really is comfy.

On the downsides though...
1) the front pocket includes a laptop 'sleeve', this isn't the best placing for it - ideally I'd want this right next to my back, and accessed without removing all the contents from the rucksuck
2) The inside mesh pocket is too large! You put anything in there and it all falls to the bottom when you shut the bag, which makes that nice flat bag hard to create. Ideally this would be several smaller pockets - and it would be great to have at least one that isn't mesh to hold smaller items in.
3) The front pockets aren't the most useful - you have the padded laptop sleeve, and a pocket with side, however you can only fit flat things in them really, and all of this adds weight to the bag which I'm just not using.
4) Mesh pockets on the front of the bag I think are designed for drinks? If so they are useless!! You might possibly fit a tiny bottle in there if you're lucky, but they do make good shoe pockets. I'd love to see a drinks bottle pocket on the side of this bag - I think its a massive downfall of it!
5) I'd love for this bag to make airport travel a little easier - accessing your plastic bag of lotions and potions is a bit of a faff - opening the zips involves undoing the compression straps, then the zip, it would be good to have an easy access pocket to get round this issue.

All in all I'm sticking with the Farpoint for now, because I can't find anything better, but I really hope to see some improvements in a future version :-) (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Ottimo acquisto " (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Praticità e qualità ottime. Quattro stelle solo perché a mio parere l'unica tasca ad accesso "rapido" è scomoda da raggiungere ed è insufficiente. Avrebbe dovuto avere delle ulteriori tasche ad accesso rapido esternamente sui lati per poter riporre documenti o altro. Magari una per contenere la copertura anti pioggia, che non è inclusa. Nel complesso un ottimo prodotto e all'apparenza molto resistente (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Comodo, capiente e leggero" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Ottimo prodotto, utilizzato per ora solo per viaggi brevi (4-5 giorni) ma viaggiando leggeri e ben organizzati può contenere il necessario per una decina di giorni (rimaneva parecchio spazio libero).
Facile da riempire, ben bilanciato sulla schiena con cintura allacciata.
Unico difetto, manca uno scomparto chiuso facilmente accessibile con lo zaino in spalla (ad es. sulla cintura o lungo uno degli spallacci) per spiccioli, documenti ecc (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

"Satisfait de mon achat" (Posted on 14/12/2015)


Sac très confortable et de bonne qualité ! Je voulais acheter un Minaal au départ mais ce dernier est trop cher. Au final je suis content d'avoir choisi Osprey. Les dimensions sont idéal pour moi et le sac très pratique (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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