Exos 58 Unisex

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  • Exos 58 Basalt Black
  • Exos 58 Pacific Blue
  • Exos Back
  • Twin zippered hipbelt pockets
  • Top lid access
  • FlapJacket™ top cover for use without lid
  • AirSpeed™ Backpanel

What sacrifices do you really want to make when buying a long distance lightweight pack? Comfort? Load Carry? Features? With the Exos 58 you can put these tricky decisions to the back of your mind!


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Free Delivery on this product

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  • Basalt Black
  • Pacific Blue

What sacrifices do you really want to make when buying a long distance lightweight pack? Comfort? Load Carry? Features? With the Exos 58 you can put these tricky decisions to the back of your mind!


All Might Guarantee All Mighty Guarantee included

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  • AirSpeed™ Backpanel
  • FlapJacket™ top cover for use without lid
  • Top lid access
  • Twin zippered hipbelt pockets
  • Exos Back
  • Exos 58 Pacific Blue
  • Exos 58 Basalt Black

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  • Stretch mesh side pockets with InsideOut™ compression
  • Twin zippered hipbelt pockets
  • Stretch front pocket
  • Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment
  • Flapjacket Cover

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"New Exos vs Original" (Posted on 28/12/2016)

Tommi Lahtonen

I bought the first version of Exos when it come out several years ago. I loved the pack! It is just amazing. The only bigger problem is durability in the lower part of the aluminium frame. Fabric around the frame wears out very quickly. This could be easily fixed with some rubber or other thicker and stronger material. Some other minor complaints are too small pockets in the shoulder straps and too short sleeping pad straps. Those shoulder strap pockets are too small for anything useful like gps or phone. Now after several years of hard use my Exos is starting to break down. Because of many times of overpacking I broke one of the side pocket zippers, fabric in the lid is too weak to hold on to tightening straps and some other places are worn out. I am now looking after buying a new Exos...

I noticed that Osprey has made some changes to the original design and some of the original problems are still there. I got a chance to examine a new Exos 58.
I am a bit disappointed in the new version:

- Should trap pockets are still too small
- Sleeping bag straps are still too short
- Top lid has now some fixed places (ladder system) and not anymore a strap with which you could tight the top lid in any height you wanted. This is a really poor change.
- New flapjacket top cover is completely unnecessary. Lid removal is hardly never necessary.
- Shoulder straps have now more padding. Unnecessary? There was nothing wrong with the original design which was a bit wider but with less padding.
- Waistbelt has now more padding and it feels a bit too thick and bulky. Original version was just like the shoulder straps: less padded but very good. One of the reasons I loved the original Exos series was this simple but good waistbelt.
- Waistbelt has now a bigger buckle! This is a good change. Original one was very small and sometimes a bit hard to use.
- Waistbelt tightening has changed. In the original one you had two loose strap ends to pull and it was very easy to tighten. Now the tightening strap end is sewn in and it is quite awkward to use. Poor change.
- Waistbelt pockets are now smaller :-( Original ones were big enough even for my garmin gps. These new ones are just too small. New material seems stronger but less flexible than the original fishnet.
- Outer zip pockets are now gone. This is okay as I rarely used them. When overpacking they were quite useless anyway.
- Airspeed backpanel seems a bit more curvier than in the original series or maybe this is because size S is shorter than size L?

This comparison is based on an original series Exos 58 L vs. new version Exos 58 S

Osprey Customer Service, 09/01/2017

Hi Tommi,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are constantly working to improve and refine our products and your comments will certainly be taken on board during the next product development opportunity on the Exos.

Osprey Customer Service

"A great pack" (Posted on 25/11/2016)


Planning a JMT hike I bought an Ariel 65, but this seemed far too heavy so, I replaced it with the Exos 58. It proved ideal though I had to put the (empty) expedition bear canister on the outside with bungey cord, but managed at one point to have 11 days food inside it. I can't imagine why anyone would want a heavier or more robust sack, this is perfect.

"not perfect" (Posted on 03/10/2016)


1. Wo finde ich die Größenangabe??
2. Ein separates Bodenfach fehlt.
1. Very tricky to figure out what that means: S, M, L ?? (Y'll find in the user guide: S = 55l, M = 58l, L = 61l).
2. I miss sorely a bottom compartment.
Osprey Customer Service, 03/10/2016


Thank you for your interest in Osprey.

The Exos series is available in 3 sizes S, M and L. The sizing refers to the backlength, using our PackSizer App it can accurately measure which size is best for you.

Sizing (cm)

SM 38 - 48.5 
MD 46 – 53.5
LG 51 - 60

In regards to the bottom compartment, this is not a feature that the Exos has due to it's aim to keep the pack as lightweight as possible.

"Ammarnäs-Hemavan med Exos 58 lastad med 18 kg packning" (Posted on 09/08/2016)


Det gick bara fint att fjällvandra med denna säck även fast jag provocerade maxvikten. Totalt inkl säck vägde min packning 19 kg. Turen gick bra och säcken fungerade.
Fördelar - enormt lätt säck som ändå sitter bra på ryggen.
Nackdelar - något tunna axelremmar som gör att på den fjärde dagen känns packningen av (då nere i 16 kg) MEN det fungerar ändå bra med tanke på att jag ligger på max av vad säcken klarar av. Regnskydd kanske skulle vara med men jag funderar hellre på en lätt regnponcho som också täcker säcken för att spara vikt. De mindre fickorna för powerbars mm kan i min värld tas bort och den extra vikt läggas på lite mjukar axelremmar och midjebälte.

Annars på det stora en enormt lätt och trevlig säck som fungerar även på längre vandringar.

"A great rucksack but still room for improvement." (Posted on 11/06/2016)


I bought this rucsack for a 250 km walk in France, it performed really well, very light, very comfortable. The harness system is so good that i found I could occasionally loosen the hip belt and just hang the weight from my shoulders to give a change of position without any discomfort. (I was carrying about 10 kilos)

There are no signs of wear in spite of getting some hard use.

The downside? The unique system of carrying trecking poles under your arm works - to an extent. Eventually i found it easier to just carry them. What is sorely missed is the usual pole/ice-axe carrying loop at the top of the sack to allow poles to be carried when not in use eg on trains, in towns..... I added one myself to one of the lid fixing points. Also, I couldn't find much use for the tiny pockets on the shoulder straps. Too small for sunglasses, GPS, iPhone etc. Please make them bigger Osprey, the extra weight would be negligible. The flexible side pockets were good for carrying waterproof jacket, water bottles etc but smaller objects could easily fall out un-noticed. I really missed having a reasonably waterproof side pocket. Maybe one flexi, one waterproof would be better. Again the weight gain would be slight compared with the benefits. Just one final thought. The Osprey medium size rain cover is a perfect fit for the 58 litre but if you intend to fix tent/mat etc to the outside you'll need a bigger one.

All round, a great rucksack, possibly the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot of sacks over the years!)

"Best backpacking rucksack ever" (Posted on 02/12/2015)


Deciding to try to lighten my load, I bought an Exoskeleton 58, I was worried it might be too small but when supervising a 4 day Gold Expedition on Skye I found it excellent. So light, very comfortable (a shorter back length a big help for a smaller person), lots of features but only 1kg. Fit is good although I was concerned that frame would be uncomfortable, it is fine. A very practical piece of kit. An Osprey day sack is now on my wish list, especially the beautiful pinky wine coloured one.

"Lightweight & Great Quality" (Posted on 31/10/2015)


I have used the Exos 58 for approx 400 miles of backpacking over approx 5 weeks, the pack is so light, extremely comfortable and still looks almost like new - excellent

"Excellent pack" (Posted on 03/04/2015)


This pack has clearly evolved to have all that is required for hiking. The only change I would make is to have a very small water bottle holder on the front hip belt for access whilst walking. I found that I couldn't reach the 2 holders on the sides of the pack without taking it off. A small bottle could be topped up from the main water bottles at rest stops. (Using a bladder would add a lot more weight and be a nusance to mess about with.)

"Exos58 - L" (Posted on 02/04/2015)


Great backpack that is very light.

I've used this pack on multiple overnight and longer hikes and it has stood up well. Really really (like... strangely) light. To the point that it feels very weird when empty but stays in place fine when packed out.

The back system is great if you get a sweaty back, it makes a big difference on a hot day.

The only thing I'd change is the hip strap, the foam feels a little brittle (although it is actually bearing up fine, just feels very light) and it's hollow pattern tends to trap grit etc.

Still, great rucksack and definitely worth the money.

"Light, comfortable and big" (Posted on 10/02/2015)


I used this backpack for a year of backpacking in south america. It has been through the patagonian andes on endless hikes and have done well! It is comfy, and the beltsrap take alot of the weight too. It is ideal for hikes, but fragile for a longer backpacking trip since the material is ultralight and are prone to get damaged on dayly use.

"Ultimat jaktsekk" (Posted on 17/01/2015)

Tor Erik

Jeg har brukt min Exos 58 i ett år nå. Grunnen til at jeg valgte den var at jeg ville prøve noe helt annet enn min 130 liters pakkrammesekk på reinsjakt og overnattingsturer i høyfjellet. Jeg lot meg friste av den lave vekta og de fine detaljene med den stive ramma.

I høst fikk jeg tre reinsdyr som sammen med teltutstyr og våpen skulle bæres hjem. Den lengste turen tok seks timer ned til bilen med en ungbukk i sekken. Jeg hadde en lettere tur enn jeg hadde ventet. Sekken fra Osprey fungerte flott. Den satt støtt og fint og skulderreimene var lette å regulere, lommene på hoftebeltet var greie for påfyll av energi under marsjen. Ryggen hadde det fint og luftig. Anbefales!!!

"Fantastico" (Posted on 16/01/2015)


Molto leggero capiente avvolgente praticamente non si sente quando li porti un articolo fantastico

"Worth every Penny" (Posted on 12/01/2015)


I actually purchased this at last minute on the day of our planned trek to Knoydart, a walk from Glenfinnan to Inverie, Scotland. The reason why I applaud this bag is not for its light weight and clever design, but how good it is on your back on long trip. I have a condition called Multiple Degenerative Disc Disease ( yes this condition exists, take it from me, am a medical professional) and need to look after my back carefully. So when my friends suggested the Trek over two nights and three days, I was panicking how my back would cope. I started looking online and tried various bags from different manufacturers and after getting fed up (understanding my back issues), the sales rep from Cotswold, recommended this and unfortunately they did not have in stock. So ended up in Ellis Brigham Braehead, where an another sales rep helped me out and 'sold' it to me. The bag never gave any trouble on the variable terrain and had no problems with my back even after. My friend who accompanied me on my bag hunt, ended up buying a Kestrel ( which was in his price bracket), but when he tried Exos on the trek, he was all praise for the bag. Yes it is not the most practical bag, but trust me it is the most comfortable bag you can take on long treks. I used LoweAlpine crag attack in past on day treks on scottish munros but always had a niggle in my back after the treks (not because of the bag, but my back). But carrying more weights and 3 day trek, i couldn't have asked for a better gear. Money well spent for me.

I am not sure about how long the material lasts, but even after rough use during the trek, no cuts or rips to the bag. I compensated not having a rain cover with a Poncho, which also served me as a sitting mat during breaks and as ground sheet in the porch of my tent.

Try the bag with weights before you buy and get the correct size.

In 3 easy steps use the world’s first digital pack fitting tool.

Have someone take a full length photo of you...

Next, mark your height on the photo...

Finally, locate both your upper & lower torso points

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In 3 easy steps use the world’s first digital pack fitting tool.

Have someone take a full length photo of you...

Next, mark your height on the photo...

Finally, locate both your upper & lower torso points

That’s it!

You’re now sized for the entire Osprey range.

Download for free

Download for free